Costings for most Bristol libraries

Here’s another new document we’ve found.

BristolLibraries estimated costings March 2015

This document seems to show the anticipated costs of most of Bristol’s libraries going forward (including those in groups 1 and 2). It confuses me slightly. Stockwood (a larger library than Sea Mills) apparently had a new boiler and new security alarm installed – both within the last 4 years. The cost of the new boiler was £10-12k (why don’t they know a specific price, 4 years after the work took place?) and the cost of the new security system was £2.2k. So that’s £14.2k in total if we assume the highest price for the estimate. Those two things are two thirds of the works that Sea Mills Library apparently requires in the next 5 years (along with “Decorating to the rear internal staff areas”). Sea Mills estimate cost for this is £30k. Does that mean they’re planning to spend £15.8k on decorating the staff area?

Also, interesting to note that Avonmouth Library (which is not one of the ones on the closure list), does not have an accessible toilet.

“Accessible toilets are not available in the library. The toilets in the community centre can be used when that part of the building is open”

However, visitors can use the one in the community centre, if the community centre part of the building is open. The document also states:

“Proposed changes would provide library users with access to the building’s accessible toilet (currently available only when the community centre is open)”

Sea Mills Library has a community centre right behind it, which also has its own accessible toilet, which would also only be usable if the community centre is open. Why couldn’t this option be explored in Sea Mills?

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