About Us

Friends of Sea Mills Library is a group of local residents who formed to help preserve Sea Mills Library for future generations. The first meeting was held at the library on 6 May 2015.

Why is a ‘Friends’ group needed?

In early 2015, Bristol City Council announced that 7 libraries were “recommended for closure” in 2016. This included Sea Mills Library. They then launched a consultation to see if the public agreed with this or not.

Our group worked to argue against the closure and made sure as many local residents, library users, and members of Bristol’s public were aware of the council’s consultation and their plans for the library. We produced a leaflet which was distributed to thousands of houses, and worked with a local councillor – to ensure as many people as possible argued against the closure plans. We also met with the Mayor to discuss the situation, and look at additional uses, to help fund the library better and cement its future.

At the start of September 2015, the council decided to go for alternative plans, whereby no libraries will close in 2016, but all will have reduced opening hours. This was only guaranteed for one year, so we cannot afford to be complacent. The mayor and all councillors were up for election in May 2016, with some significant changes as a result – including a new mayor and many new councillors. It remains to be seen what the new council budget will have in store for us.

The renewed aims of the group now, are to promote the library, work with Library Services on improvements, encourage volunteers as needed, and increase usage to try and make sure it is seen as a valuable asset to the council, and useful community space for residents.

If you wish to contact the group, you can email us on contactus@friendsofseamillslibrary.co.uk and we’re also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/friendsofseamillslibrary and Twitter: @FriendsOfSML

Alternatively – see our events page for when you can come along and say hello in person. New members are always welcome.