The Mayor visits Sea Mills Library

Despite us previously being told that the Mayor George Ferguson wouldn’t visit any libraries personally, we did get him to visit our library on 25 June.
All the photos from this are on our Facebook page:

We’ve received notes too from George’s “action/casework summary”, which states:

“Positive meeting with Mayor and Friends of Seamills Library. Mayor open minded to receiving creative response from friends re future of the library.”

Under the “area visits”, it says:

“Sea Mills Library
Met with Friends of Sea Mills Library – Mayor open minded and interested to work towards a partnership solution to library. Encouraged friends to think creatively towards solutions. Ideas such as ID card entry/pick up lockers/art space/social enterprise discussed. Friends have lots of energy to look to regenerate community, effective marketing and establish a relationship with the café on the square. Discussion re need for crossing outside library. Mayor reiterated that he has made no decisions and is keen to hear from the community. There is potential for Mayor to find capital to support but no revenue available.”

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